We are an independent AABC certified test and balance company. We are qualified to do test and balance all types of commercial applications. Some examples include: Clean rooms class 1000 and up, hospitals and operating rooms, office buildings, restaurants, industrial complexes and nuclear power plants. An example of the equipment that we air balance range from air handlers, make up air fans, outside air fans, exhaust fans of all types, building pressurization, water pumps, chillers, heat coils and boilers.

Our Services

ETB Arizona provides professional Environmental Testing & Balancing services as an independent 3rd party HVAC testing agency. Our firm is a member of the Associated Air Balance Council (AABC). We provide total system balance for all types of HVAC systems. It is our goal to provide the best balance possible to maintain Comfort, Control and Efficiency for optimum performance of your system. View Services

Our History

Tom Stewart has 25 years of experience in the testing and balance field. Our firm has been providing consulting services in the industry since 1999. We have completed work in several states ranging from Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas and projects in other countries. We have experience in all types of environments such as Clean Rooms, Hotel/Resorts, Government, Education, Health Care, Biotechnology and many others. Get In Touch



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